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Streaming Player Tips:


Once you’re listening to the new player, you will see links to various web pages and features.  If the links don’t work, you will need to disable your pop-up blocker and try them again.


Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP or newer
Mac OS X and newer


Supported Browsers:

Internet Explorer 8 or above (download)
Mozilla Firefox 8 and above (download)
Google Chrome 11 and above (download)
Safari 4 and above (download)
Opera  9 and above (download)


Adobe Flash Player Is Required.

Get the latest Adobe Flash Player for this browser.  Note: If you use several browsers to access the player, each one will need the latest Flash Player plug-in, which you can obtain by opening that browser and then accessing this page from that browser, and clicking on the link above.  This is only required once for each browser.  Thereafter, you should be able to hear the player without further downloads. 


JavaScript Must Be Enabled.

See this link for details on checking/enabling JavaScript: 


Smartphones and Tablets

Pilgrim Radio apps are available for free for Apple and Android devices.  To get yours, just search for Pilgrim Radio in your device’s app store (Google Play or the Apple app store).  You’ll be able to view our program schedule, see what’s currently airing, and stream the audio 24 hours a day.  More than ever, you can now take Pilgrim Radio with you wherever you go!


If you’ve tried all of the above and are still having problems, contact our streaming provider, Liquid Compass, or email with the details of what you have tried, and which operating system, browser, and anti-virus programs you are using.


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