Extra Credit

Heard Monday through Friday at 5 AM, 5 PM and 10 PM Pacific Time

Extra Credit

In addition to Morning/Night Classes, Extra Credit features messages and sermons of substance aimed at the modern Pilgrim.


Transformed by Truth

by Harry Reeder, Pastor
Briarwood Pres. Church
4/06-The Importance of a Renewed Mind
4/07-Why is the Bible So Important?
4/08-How to Consistently Profit From God’s Word
4/09-Knowing God Accurately and Intimately, Pt. 1
4/10- Knowing God Accurately and Intimately, Pt. 2
4/13-What is Man?, Pt. 1
4/14-What is Man?, Pt. 2
4/15-The Law and the Gospel
4/16-The Gospel of Grace in Its Glory
4/17-Tools of Transformation Designed by God for You
4/20-2nd Most Important Doctrine for a Christian Life View and Lifestyle
4/21-Knowing Where I Am Going
4/22-Five Steps to Build a Christian World and Life View

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