Strength for the Journey

Extra Credit

In addition to Morning and Night Classes, Extra Credit features messages and sermons of substance aimed at the modern Pilgrim.

5:00 AM 5:00 PM 10:00 PM
(Pacific Time)

Monday’s Message
We Shall Be Made Alive

Studies in 1 Corinthians

Pastor Mike McKinley
Sterling Park Baptist, Sterling, VA

Today’s Message

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This Week

Mon – Aug 8We Shall Be Made Alive
Tue – Aug 9The Image of the Risen Lord
Wed – Aug 10Victory in Jesus
Thu – Aug 11All in Love
Fri – Aug 12Introducing Apologetics (New Series Begins with Pastor William Boekestein)

Next Week

Mon – Aug 15Requirements for Faithful Apologists
Tue – Aug 16You Can Know God
Wed – Aug 17The Bible is Reliable
Thu – Aug 18Doubt Need Not Be Disastrous
Fri – Aug 19Answering the Problem of Pain