Extra Credit

Heard Monday through Friday at 5 AM, 5 PM and 10 PM Pacific Time

Extra Credit

In addition to Morning/Night Classes, Extra Credit features messages and sermons of substance aimed at the modern Pilgrim.

Studies in the Beatitudes

by Colin Smith, Pastor
The Orchard

1/02-Blessed are the Poor in Spirit
1/03-Cultivating Humility

1/06-Blessed are Those Who Mourn
1/07-Cultivating Godly Sorrow
1/08-Blessed are the Meek
1/09-Cultivating Meekness
1/10-Blessed are Those Who Hunger for Righteousness

1/13-Cultivating a Godly Appetite
1/14-Blessed are the Merciful
1/15-Cultivating Forgiveness
1/16-Blessed are the Pure in Heart
1/17-Cultivating Purity

1/20-Blessed are the Peacemakers
1/21-Cultivating Peace
1/22-Blessed are Those Who’re Persecuted
1/23-What to Do When You’re Not Being Persecuted

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Unlocking the Bible
P.O. Box 3454 • Barrington, IL 60011

Studies in James

by Paul Martin, Pastor
Grace Fellowship Church

1/24-Walk Your Talk

1/27-Walk Your Talk in Your Trials
1/28-How to Walk Your Talk Through Temptations
1/29-Walk Your Talk with the Word
1/30-Walk Your Talk in Your Religion
1/31-Walk Your Talk in Your Fellowship

2/03-Walk Your Talk with a Living Faith
2/04-If You Are Really a Christian
2/05-Teachers, Beware
2/06-Walk Your Talk with Your Words
2/07-Walk Your Talk with His Wisdom

2/10-Walk Your Talk in Your Disagreements, Pt. 1
2/11-Walk Your Talk in Your Disagreements, Pt. 2
2/12-Walk Your Talk Under God’s Providence
2/13-Walk Your Talk with Your Money
2/14-Walk Your Talk in Perseverance

2/17-Walk Your Talk in Your Sickness
2/18-Walk Your Talk in Your Prayers
2/19-Walk Your Talk with Your Brothers

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Grace Fellowship Church
28 Elmhurst Drive • Toronto, ON M9W 2J5

Studies in 1 Peter

by Brad Borowski, Pastor
D3 Church

2/20 – Our Calling
2/21-Our Hope

2/24-Our Message
2/25-Our Identity
2/26-Our Submission
2/27-Our Marriages
2/28-Our Perspective

3/02-Our Purpose
3/03-Our Leaders
3/04-Our God

D3 Church
403 Hanson Street • Winnemucca, NV 89445

Studies in Mark’s Gospel, cont.

by Jeremy Treat, Pastor
Reality LA

3/05-A Different Kind of Power
3/06-The Unexpected Jesus

3/09-The Beloved Son
3/10-Jesus and Politics
3/11-The Greatest Commandment
3/12-The Polarizing Jesus
3/13-In Light of Eternity

3/16-The Lord’s Supper
3/17-Jesus on Trial
3/19-The Empty Tomb
3/20-Gather and Scatter

Reality LA
1313 N. Edgemont Street • Los Angeles, CA 90027

Studies in 1 and 2 Kings

by Gavin Ortlund, Pastor
First Baptist Church of Ojai

3/23 – Solomon’s Wisdom and Wealth
3/24 – God Will Dwell Among Us
3/25 – Disobedience, Division and Decline
3/26 – God Makes the Difference
3/27 – God Cares About Justice

3/30 – How Faith Works
3/31 – Where Hope Comes From
4/01 – Stubborness and Its Remedies
4/02 – When Satan Taunts You
4/03 – The Story Ends with Hope

First Baptist Church of Ojai
930 Grand Avenue • Ojai, CA 93023