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Monday’s Guest:
Jonathan Huguenin

of Faith Comes by Hearing, on getting the Bible to people in an audio format

Jonathan Huguenin 

This Week

Mon – Mar 20Jon Erwin, Director and producer of the movie Jesus Revolution, on its background and some amazing moments during the filming
Tue – Mar 21Jen Oshman, Missionary and author, with insightful lessons she’s learned from her 24 years of marriage
Wed – Mar 22Os Guinness, Author social critic, warning Americans to wake up before their freedoms are lost
Thu – Mar 23Brad Hill, Spokesman for the He Gets Us campaign, on their huge outreach in many places including the Super Bowl
Fri – Mar 24John Starke, Pastor of Apostle’s Church in New York City, on trading our need to be noticed for a hidden life with Christ

Next Week

Mon – Mar 27Jonathan Huguenin, of Faith Comes by Hearing, on getting the Bible to people in an audio format
Tue – Mar 28Natasha Crain, speaker, author and podcaster, on living out your faith with conviction, discernment and courage
Wed – Mar 29Grant Wacker, retired professor of Christian History, on the ministries of evangelists Billy Sunday, Chuck Smith and Billy Graham
Thu – Mar 30Joannie Debrito, licensed mental health professional and counselor, on helping those with self-harming behaviors
Fri – Mar 31John Sorenson, president of Evangelism Explosion International, who says most Americans are open to spiritual conversations

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