His People

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His People

Interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.

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Recent Programs

May 2019

  1. A Christian and holistic approach to alleviating poverty Kelly Kapic – Professor at Covenant College in Georgia 26:33
  2. Ways in which the Bible and economic principles are connected Shawn Ritenour – Professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania 26:44
  3. The fascinating Jesus People Movement of the late 60s and early 70s Larry Eskridge – Historian and college instructor 27:05
  4. Ways in which the Bible and economic principles are connected David Zahl – director of Mockingbird Ministries 26:35
  5. On using our God-given opportunities for influence Pam Tebow - Speaker and mother of famous athlete Tim Tebow 27:02
  6. On what she calls the miraculous motivating power of a woman's influence Pam Tebow - Speaker, missionary, and author 26:59
  7. On some inspiring heroes of the Christian faith, past and present Tim Keesee - Executive director of Frontline Missions International 26:57
  8. On lies girls believe and the truth that sets them free Dannah Gresh - Conference speaker and writer 26:37
  9. On an evangelical statement on how to approach artificial intelligence Jason Thacker - On staff with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 27:01
  10. On the different versions of socialism and why some Americans are finding it attractive Bruce Ashford - Professor at Southeastern Baptist Seminary 26:59
  11. On discovering what he calls the grace of lament Mark Vroegop - pastor of College Park Church in Indianapolis 26:58
  12. On developing what he calls Gospel fluency Jeff Vanderstelt - Pastor of Doxa Church in Washington state 26:31

April 2019

  1. On engaging boys in outdoor adventure to develop Christian character Mark Hancock - CEO of Trail Life USA 26:59
  2. On where the Scriptures came from and why we can trust them Greg Lanier - professor at Reformed Theological Seminary 26:58
  3. On how considering death is the surprising path to living hope Matthew McCullough - Pastor of Trinity Church in Nashville 26:44
  4. Bringing a compassionate Christian perspective to the transgender issue Andrew Walker - Director of Policy Studies at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission 27:08
  5. On the pros and cons of direct-to-consumer genetic testing Richard Holdeman - Indiana pastor and university biology instructor 27:07
  6. On leadership principles gleaned from the life of the Apostle Peter Peter Lillback - President of Westminster Theological Seminary 26:43
  7. On the advantages of planting a church while also keeping your full-time marketplace vocation Brad Brisco - bivocational church planting expert 27:09
  8. On the final days of Jesus: the most important week of the most important person who ever lived Andreas Kostenberger - professor at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 27:02
  9. helping women come out of commercial sexual exploitation Melissa Holland - co-founder of Awaken INC in Reno 26:30
  10. On how our digital reading habits impact our engagement with the Bible Karen Swallow Prior - English professor at Liberty University 27:01
  11. On how the high school and college-age generation improves his preaching Trygve Johnson - dean of the Chapel at Hope College in Michigan 26:59
  12. Addressing some of the hardest questions confronting Christianity Rebecca McLaughlin - writer and public speaker 27:02
  13. On the animated film version of Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress", which will be shown in theaters nationwide Easter weekend Steve Cleary - founder of Revelation Media 27:09
  14. On how poetry adds richness to the Christian life. Mark Green - president of the White Horse Inn and minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church 26:48
  15. Helping believers find assurance of their salvation and what can keep them from it Greg Gilbert - pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church in Kentucky 26:58
  16. on why Bible translation is so important to world evangelization. Aaron Shryock – Director of the Tyndale Center for Bible Translation 26:55
  17. Why and how to study history and why it is exciting Robert Tracy McKenzie – History professor at Wheaton College 26:45
  18. Helping us rethink our relationship with the news Jeff Neely - journalism professor at the University of Tampa 26:36
  19. Helping us understand the transhumanist movement and what it means to be human Jacob Shatzer - theological studies professor at Union University 27:02
  20. On boasting, and how it can be done in a Godly way Josh Moody – pastor at the College Church in Wheaton, Illinois 26:49
  21. On podcasts and their role in her Christian life Judith Dinsmore - managing editor for New Horizons magazine 27:00
  22. The Chinese government's push to make Christianity more Chinese Joann Pittman - vice president for China Source 26:52