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Second Period

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Monday’s Message
The Jesus Freak

The Gospel of Luke – That You May Have Certainty

Today’s Message
The Savior Nobody Wanted

Studies in the Book of Judges

Pastor Liam Goligher
Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA

Copies available: | 215-735-7688 

Pastor Afshin Ziafat
Providence Church, Frisco, TX 

This Week

Mon – May 29Little People, Big God
Tue – May 30The Savior Nobody Wanted
Wed – May 31Taking Salvation for Granted
Thu – Jun 1Longing for the Coming of Christ (New Series Starts with Pastor Afshin Ziafat)
Fri – Jun 2John Prepares the Way

Next Week

Mon – Jun 5The Jesus Freak
Tue – Jun 6The Temptations of Jesus
Wed – Jun 7Jesus Begins His Ministry
Thu – Jun 8The Teaching and Healing Ministry of Jesus
Fri – Jun 9Jesus Heals The Leper and the Paralytic

Today's Devotional